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Hair Loss Treatment in Sydney

Do you suffer from hair thinning? Is your hair falling out? Can you visibly see empty patches on your scalp? Vitamin deficiency and other factors can have a huge impact on hair loss, leaving many people helpless and confused as to why it’s happening. If you’re experiencing unexplained hair thinning or hair loss, Urban Skin Clinic has you covered with our hair loss treatment in Sydney.

About Our Hair Loss & Thin Hair Treatment

Urban Skin Clinic offers the ultimate hair stimulation and regrowth treatment that will give you a fuller, healthier looking head of hair within a short period of time. We’ll first consult with you to determine the potential causes of your hair loss or thinning hair, allowing us to suggest suitable treatments.

One option we may recommend is our hair growth treatment in Sydney, which consists of 10 hair regrowth infusions of essential vitamins applied using needleless meso therapy. This hair loss and thin hair treatment will feed your scalp and stimulate hair growth in a short time, helping you to avoid the embarrassment of thin or patchy hair. We recommend one treatment every 3 weeks for the best results.

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