Fat Dissolving Injections

What are Fat Dissolving treatments?

Lipolysis, or fat dissolving injections, are an individually tailored, injectable treatment that permanently destroys fat cells. Lipolysis injections are useful for reducing fat in localised areas such as the double chin, without surgery.

Lipolysis injections are not a substitute for diet or exercise, and we always recommend revising your lifestyle if you are looking into this treatment. It is suitable for male and female clients, of any age.

Fat dissolving process takes time- after injections it takes 6-8 weeks for fat to slowly resolve, and it takes 8-10 sessions to see results. A small minority (<1%) of people do not respond at all due to genetic differences.

How does Lipolysis work?

The main ingredient of Lipolysis solution is Deoxycholic acid, a natural products which is secreted into our gut, to improve digestion. In the gut, Deoxycholic acid acts as a biological detergent, and helps to breakdown cholesterol and fat. When injected into the body it breaks down fat immediately, and permanently, without scars from surgery or an anaesthetic. The deoxycholic acid used in fat injections is plant based, and not from animals or humans!

Patient examination, selection and a discussion about downtime are essential before Lipolysis is considered – we will not perform this procedure if we don’t think it will be effective. Please book a consultation with Nurse Injector to assess your problem area and discuss the treatment. This can be done via telehealth if required, please call us to ask about booking.

After initial assessment and photos, we will mark up the treatment area to ensure an even distribution of product and clean the area with Chlorhexidine. We will then inject local anaesthetic and fat dissolving solution in small aliquots into the treatment areas.

Some people experience discomfort after the procedure- taking 2x ibuprofen tablets 20 minutes prior to your treatment can reduce this.

Downtime/Aftercare After effects include tingling, itching, swelling, redness and bruising on the treatment site. The area will swell up and may feel uncomfortable this is normal and will settle significantly after a few days, with the area lowly settling over the next few weeks. The first few days you can feel like a “bull frog” and this is expected. After a few days the acute swelling will settle and leave a firm lump that will take a month or so to be absorbed.

Recommended Plan The recommended regime involves 2-4 sessions done every 6 weeks. A single treatment will not have a significant effect.

Allow 2- 3 weeks before an event (at least) in case bruising occurs. Most people notice the results a few months after- it is a slow progression as the fat cells are absorbed. Allow 4 months for the treatment to take the full effect, so if you are planning this before a wedding or big event, it’s best to do it 4-6 months ahead.


  • Double Chin:
  • – $250 per sessions.
    – The minimum is 6-8 sessions.

Special Considerations

  • You cannot have treatment if you are pregnancy, breast feeding, have unstable diabetes, an impaired Immune system or you have an unhealthy lifestyle. You need a medical consultation with our Nurse Injector first to assess if you are suitable.
  • Works well in combination with Ultraformer 3 for fat dissolving and skin tightening, PDO Monothreads and dermal fillers along the chin/ jawline to give a more defined profile. In some cases botulinum toxin if you have large masseter muscles. We will come up with a unique plan for you based on your anatomy.
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