PRP for Hair Loss Treatments

Both men and women may experience hair thinning, recession and loss of hair follicles over time. Sometimes, this hair loss is marked or occurs at an early age. This can cause associated psychological distress, loss of self esteem and poor
body image.

If these issues concern you, you should consider seeing a Nurse Injector for assessment and to discuss effective treatment options.


The most common reason for male hair thinning and loss is androgenic alopecia, also called male pattern hair loss (MPHL). Some men experience symptoms starting in their late teens. There is a strong genetic determinant to androgenic alopecia, causing increased sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male hormone in the scalp, which causes reduction in hair follicle size and hair growth. The good news is that standard medications can be effective in the vast majority of cases. Long term use can prevent further hair loss and increase hair thickness.


Women can also suffer from hair thinning and hair loss. Sometimes alopecia is transient, a condition called telogen effluvium. Common triggers for telogen effluvium include pregnancy, labour, surgery and hormonal issues. Some women may have excess male hormones (causing MPHL). Women can also suffer female pattern hair loss (FPHL) which is more common after menopause. Sometimes medications and other treatments can help. Unusual presentations of alopecia may require referral to a dermatologist, which can be arranged after your assessment.

At Clinic we take a standard dermatological approach to managing androgenic alopecia starting with topical solutions, oral medications, shampoos if required and if desired, platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections.


Consultation time
An Initial appointment will involve assessment and photos with a Nurse Injector, who will formulate a suitable treatment plan including lifestyle and medications.

Treatment Options

No therapy: Sometimes no treatment, and camoflague options such as wigs, makeup and creative hairdressing are the best option. We can point you in the right direction!


  • male patients, standard medical therapy may involve a combination of topical foams or medications. This is evidence based and up to 90% of male clients can respond to this medical therapy. Clinical response varies from no change to stabilisation of hair loss, thicker hair or increased hair growth. Hair loss treatments take time to see an effect and at 12 months we review your response.
  • female patients, medical therapy consists of topical minoxidil and in some cases hormonal treatment
    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) : PRP is a treatment where growth factors from your blood are injected into the scalp. There is emerging research that PRP is effective, especially is combination with medications. Many patients choose PRP because they want to try a natural approach, avoid surgery, (hair transplantation) or they get side effects from medications.

The best candidates for PRP hair restoration are those with early hair loss, patients with a healthy lifestyle and patients with androgenic alopecia. The results are variable and PRP does not work for everyone. This is because it is dependent on your individual immune function. PRP takes time to work- results are seen 6 months after the initial treatment course and can be expected to last 12 months. If it is effective, it is safe to continue long term.


If you decide on PRP, the the initial protocol is an injection into the scalp monthly for 3 months. If you are a responder we will continue your treatments and do a treatment every 6 – 12 months depending on your progress. Our Nurse Injector performs PRP including the blood sampling.


Cost of Healite Sessions: POA

Cost of PRP sessions:

  • Small treatment area ( 1 vial PRP)
  • – $550 for single treatment
    – 3 treatments : $1400 (prepay)

  • 3 treatments : $1400 (prepay)
  • – $750 for single treatment
    – 3 treatments: $2000 (prepay)

We use an automatic injector device for PRP treatments, which enables a faster, more accurate and comfortable treatment than manual injection.

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