Radio Frequency Skin Treatment is one of the most effective skin treatments in the world of aesthetics and skincare. However, the vocab used in the conversations about skin treatment might scare you. But there is nothing to be worried about! In this modern world, we are surrounded by radio waves. Uncontrolled electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, wi-fi or microwave ovens have harmful effects on the human body and mind. On the contrary, when it comes to radiofrequency skin treatment, you needn’t worry much. The trained professionals control the radio frequency skin treatment technology at skin clinics to trigger collagen and elastin production, ultimately resulting in a better skin texture and tone.

Pre- and Post- Radio Frequency Skin Treatment Care

The beneficiaries are advised to consult their dermatologist before taking Radio Frequency Skin Treatment. Even sunlight can revert the effects of the treatments as it contains harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays. The beneficiary has to take post-treatment care and use prescribed skincare products to sustain the treatment. It’s better to go with the products prescribed by the skin clinic. The damage caused by the sunlight can cost you more than the treatment. Hence, proper care after radiofrequency skin treatment is of utmost importance.

Multiple Sessions at Skin Clinic

The Radio Frequency Skin Treatment procedure has no downtime. It takes less than an hour at the Skin Clinic for the treatment. However, a single session has little use, and the beneficiaries are suggested to take up multiple sessions to sustain the treatment. Initially, skin clinics call for monthly Radio Frequency sessions up to 6-8 times. Depending on the impact of the therapy, the interval gets stretched from six months up to one year.

Coupled with Microneedling

According to the experts, the Radio Frequency Skin Treatment delivers the best results if coupled with Microneedling. The process involves acupuncture-inspired therapy to produce collagen and elastin. Applying both treatments in tandem lowers the risk of the effects’ reversal and increases the sustainability of the treatment. The treatment involves injectables with controlled trauma procedures. It’s like a two-gem gauntlet that can wipe away all your skin problems with a snap.

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